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Reagents and accessories

Reagents and accessories

The specialists of HYDROTECH implement the prompt selection and supply of spare parts and chemicals for water treatment:

-   Spiral-wound membrane elements from the world leading producers, such as GE Water&Process Technologies, DOW Filmtec, Toray, Hydronautics, Inge, Norit, Koch. The membrane elements for reverse osmosis, nano-, ultra-and microfiltration are always in our stock.

-   Electrodeionization cell for ultrapure water.

-   Chemical reagents for extending the lifetime of membranes.

-   Deep and surface cartridge filters to solve the problem of removal suspended particles and microorganisms from the water.

-   Housings for the membrane elements.

-   Dosing equipment and pumps for liquids.

-   Equipment for measuring the technological parameters and for the rapid tests.

-   Filter medium for the process of pressure filtration

-   Containers, tanks and pallets.