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 History of HYDROTECH begins in 1998. More than 100 water plants for medicine were supplied for the first 4 years of work on the Russian market. Since 2002 the company has expanded the scope and energy, industry and municipal water supply became the main strategic directions of the company. For over 7 years of leading domestic companies trust us to supply, install and design membrane water treatment plants.
  Company HYDROTECH offers a full range of membrane technologies for water given quality. HYDROTECH produces equipment for watertreatment and wastewater treatment, provide engineering and implementation of projects on a turnkey basis, supplies, installs, adjusts and performs maintenance of the equipment. The company commercially produces membrane machines (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization), as well as dosing systems, pressure filtration systems and ion exchange. HYDROTECH offers the most cost-effective solutions for water purification for energy, metallurgical and chemical industries, municipal water supply, food production, electronics, medicine and pharmacy.
    Members of our staff are highly qualified specialists, professional engineers and field engineers. They design and manufacture complete systems of water treatment, provide technical support and maintenance of equipment.
    Production Department of HYDROTECH has a total area of about 700 m², including the offices of the technical services, section of production chemicals and plant equipment manufacturing.

HYDROTECH is the official distributor of GE Water & Process Technologies.
    The company's goal: the introduction of new technologies in the field of water treatment to reduce the costs of customers and improve the environment.

    Our cocept: Our work is based on the principle of individual approach to each customer. HYDROTECH has established itself as a reliable, responsible and professional partner that can quickly deal with any tasks assigned. The decisions that we offer to our customers are simple and aimed to achieve the result. Our customers - visionary and future-oriented people looking for ways of augmenting their wealth by using only reliable and modern energy saving equipment.