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Water treatment basics

 The entire history of life on Earth - including the history of mankind - is inextricably linked with water. The water went all the way from an environment in which life began to the most crucial resource essential for the high quality of life. The industry and population growth make such problems as water deficit, water needs for plants and population, wastewater treatment come to the fore.
   Nowadays water is widely used for drinking purposes, for industrial processes, for electricity generation at thermal and nuclear power plants as a coolant and evaporative substance. In power, oil and some other industries the water requirements are the most stringent. Companies use a lot of human and material resources to ensure the required quality. Often they do not use the most modern resource and energy saving technologies.

   Today's most advanced solutions in water treatment are realized using membrane technologies. The membranes allow clean water to pass through while keeping impurities. Membranes are the most simple, environmentally friendly and effective way to change the composition and properties of water to meet the requirements for the purity of the product.