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Membrane degasing. Membrane contactors

Membrane degasing machines are used to remove dissolved gases. Membrane degasing machines are being arranged of the membrane modules (contactors).

Application of membrane degasing:

Power plants - for decarbonization and deaeration of the demineralized water before it enters the boilers.


The principle of operation of membrane contactors:  

Membrane contactors - are modules that contain the hollow fiber membrane material. The walls of these fibers are microporous membrane of hydrophobic plastic (polypropylene). Water that has been desalinated by reverse osmosis is fed into the contactor so that the fiber is washed from the outside. The carrier gas is fiber fed into the fibers (air for decarbonization, nitrogen for deaeration). The other way is to make a vacuum inside the fibers with a vacuum pump. The most effective in most cases is a scheme with simultaneous use of carrier gas and vacuum.

The advantages of the membrane contactors:

Using membrane contactors for deaeration eliminates the consumption of steam, used in traditional systems of aeration, which leads to lower operating costs. Thus, the replacement of bulky equipment with compact installation of a membrane contactors reduce costs and space. Recoupment period is no more than 2 or 3 years.