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Chemicals dosing and mixing systems

Chemicals dosing and mixing systems ENERGO DP intended for mixing and continuous/periodic dosing of accurate portions of reagent solutions (gels, suspensions) to pipelines or tanks.

Dosing system for NaOH injection to the make-up water. Control by pH and correction by flow.

Mixing and dosing systems application:
- pH correction 
Physico-chemical composition correction      
- Working solutions preparation
- Dilution         
- Dispersion     
- Introduction of coagulants and flocculants at different stages of water treatment and purification;
- Reducing the degree of aggressiveness of the water coolant that circulates in a closed loop by introducing complexing agents;
- Introduction of inhibitors to prevent precipitation on the membrane surface for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration applications;    
- Periodic injection of cleaning solutions during the operation of equipment.

The dosing system for concentrated sulfuric acid dosage ENERGO-DP-O with ultrasonic level sensor and the bypass valve.

 Dosing and mixing systems may be included in the following treatment systems: pretreatment of the feed flow, chemical cleaning, post treatment (if needed), storage and distribution systems.
The dosing system for water correction ENERGO-DP-D.

Dosing and mixing systems ENERGO DP are designed by the unified technological scheme with the unified systems. Depending on customers requirements they may differ in flow, dimensions, weight, instrumentation and automation. The components may be arranged directly on the tank or on the bearing frame.

Main types of dosing and mixing systems ENERGO DP

System type

Description of dosing/mixing system


System of continuous chemical dosing with constant flow


System for dosing the chemical proportionally the feed water flow (regulatory signal from the flow meter)


System for dosing the chemical with variable flow with complex control by two or more parameters, e.g. flow and sensor signal (pH, ORP, etc.)


System for dosing the chemical with variable flow with complex control by one parameter


Mixing system


Special dosing system

 System of concentrated sulfuric acid ENERGO-DP-O