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Filtration equipment

     In many cases the quality of the original saline water does not satisfy the requirements of the reverse osmosis feed water. Treated water may contain different amounts of suspended solids with variable dispersion, iron, calcium salts, magnesium, etc., phytoplankton and zooplankton, that may cause the deposits on the surface of semipermeable membranes or can contaminate other parts of the system’s elements. For this reason requires pretreatment of water before it is desalination, which aims at the removal of water or any ingredient, or the creation of physical and chemical conditions that prevent the precipitation of substances in the RO unit in the form of deposits and sediment. To achieve this goal is usually used cartridge filter with the size of micropores 0,5-150 microns or Sediment filters for filtering through a fine-grained load, iron removal, softening and dechlorination of source water.