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Plate-and-frame ultrafiltration machine ENERGY UP


The method of ultrafiltration is used for the separation of liquids containing particles with sizes ranging from 5 to 500 nm. While classification of these mixtures by their nature they may be divided into two groups: Homogeneous and heterogeneous. The first category includes solutions of dyes, water-soluble polymers, surface-active substances, i.e. soluble components, the second - all kinds of emulsions and dispersions. The process is realized by means of filtration solutions through a polymer membrane with appropriate pore sizes. The filtration is organized so that the result is a filtrate - purified water and concentrated solution of detained substances.


-          With regard to solving problems in the industry ultrafiltration is used in the following processes: Separation of discharged fluids of cooling lubricant liquids at factories for mechanical metal cutting, punching, rolling to purify water from oil.

-          Regeneration of degreaser solutions to clean them from the oil and return to the production cycle.

-          Wastewater treatment for production of vegetable oil refining and other fields of food industry.

-          Wastewater treatment at plants of dyeing fabrics, leathers, etc.

-          Wastewater treatment in the paint industry, namely the concentration of water-soluble latex dispersions.

-          Separation of microbial solutions.

-          Colloidal iron removal.

-          Extraction of protein from whey.

-          Concentration of pectin before drying.

-          Fractionation and concentration of solutions of lignosulfonates of paper production plants.


The most versatile machines to realize the above processes are plate-and-frame filterpress type ones. The advantages of these devices are: The possibility of replacing the membranes, ease of operation and small footage.


The plant of 1 m3/h capacity is presented at the figure.


The method of filtering through the porous polymer film (membrane), i.e. method of ultrafiltration, allows treat wastewater of fat and oil industry from fats and oils in a wide range of concentrations. The method implemented in plate-and-frame ultrafiltration membrane machines produces two streams: The treated water and concentrated fats and oils. The purification of water is not less than 99%.


The device operates periodically: The accumulated wastewaters from the tank feed at a temperature of 55 °C to the machine; the purified water and a concentrated stream are coming from the machine, concentrate is returned to the tank. Repeated circulation of the concentrate leads to accumulation of fat in it to a concentration of 8-15%, after which the container should be emptied. Concentrate is a raw material for soap factory.


Limits on use of ultrafiltration method are relatively low flow (up to 10 of cubic meters per hour) and the high cost of equipment, so the method is used when there is no alternative cleaning process.

Ultrafiltration plant has been used successfully in the Moscow margarine factory Unilever (1,5 m3/h) and the Kazan SWC (3 m3/h).